About Us

Superior Bound started with a love for Northern Minnesota (especially Lake Superior), textiles and creating useful high quality bags and small goods. Creating has always been a part of my life whether it was pottery, woodworking, sewing or leather work but even though I have explored all those sewing has been my constant throughout.

I have sewed many different types of items but feel I get to really push myself creatively when I make bags.

My inspiration comes from the rugged beauty of Northern Minnesota and I try to incorporate that feeling in each and every item that is made.

At Superior Bound you will find everyday bags that are made one at a time with high quality fabrics and attention to detail. Each item is designed and created with function and style in mind.

Each bag is created from an original pattern design to the finished product in Superior Bound's corner studio (literally)

Bags are created with clean, timeless and smart designs. Each bag is created with rugged, durable high quality fabrics and leather.

Much though goes into the functionality of the item along with the fabric.

Simple but high function smart design with an eye for balanced proportions

Rugged and understated luxury